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Title: A Deadly Place
Release year: 2020
Movie genres: Thriller
Director: J.R. Giurissevich
Actors: Douglas Chapman, Cassandra Ebner, Iain Belcher, Rachel Renaud, Shawn Blair McKinney, Mia Kniter, J.R. Giurissevich
Movie length: 83 min.

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Do not waste time examining this movie, A Deadly Place because it is the worst of films of Thriller genre. A Deadly Place is released in 2020 year and it did not bring money or got high marks because the level of the movie is lower than average. Even not bad at all acting of Rachel Renaud does not make it looking much better. But, of course, if you don’t know how to spend your free time and don’t want to think about anything then you could waste 83 min of life on A Deadly Place.

If you fed up with all the same actions in Thriller genre and want to watch something wonderful and not ordinary then get our congratulations because A Deadly Place is before you in this moment! Both the director and well-known actors like Rachel Renaud, Shawn Blair McKinney, J.R. Giurissevich, Mia Kniter, Cassandra Ebner are real professionals and it seems they are not acting but living their roles, becoming parts of their heroes. In our opinion this is one of the best of all actions of 2020. A Deadly Place duration is 83 min where you will see so many unforgettable and great scenes! Just sit more comfortable and start getting tons of enjoyment!

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